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June 8, 2018
Classroom tech that doesn’t exist anymore

May 24, 2018
Let’s act on student safety

May 10, 2018
Six structures to make creation happen in the classroom

April 27, 2018
See what the CIS Action for Success program is doing in the lives of students. Checkout CIS of Brunswick County Student Success Stories by clicking here.

April 13, 2018
The Importance of STEM Education for Middle School Students

March 29, 2018
The 10 commandments of mentorship

March 16, 2018
The hidden homelessness among America’s students

March 2, 2018
Creating classroom connections

February 16, 2018
Teacher gives students “taste” of books in classroom cafe

February 2, 2018
Guiding Students to Be Independent Learners

January 19, 2018
Six strategies for promoting student autonomy

January 5, 2018
Students take the teaching reins as they explore educational programs online

January 3, 2018
STEAM from the Gridiron

December 8, 2017
Top Digital Learning Trends in K-12 Schools today

November 21, 2017
Have you seen what CIS volunteers are doing for the students of Brunswick County?
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November 9, 2017
Increased screen time linked to more cases of early nearsightedness

October 26, 2017
To fill a ‘mentoring gap’, schools get creative

October 12, 2017
Eight ways to stay cyber safe

September 29, 2017
Why Kids Need Physical Education

September 14, 2017
Smile today and you could change someone’s life!

September 1, 2017
School’s In, Be Safe!

August 17, 2017
Creating a Culture of Innovation: An Excerpt from a Tech and Learning Leader

August 3, 2017
Extra support for low-income students can close achievement gap

July 20, 2017
All writing can be better through technology

July 6, 2017
News and America’s Kids

June 22, 2017
52 tools to inspire summer learning

June 9, 2017
Best Practices Around Social Media Safety

May 25, 2017
Teaching kids about fake news

May 12, 2017
Students learning by creating digital gifts