Action for Success Program


At Communities In Schools, case management is defined as a collaborative process to establish integrated student supports that can be provided for students and identify individual students to assess their needs and assets; create individualized student support plans; provide, monitor, and adjust service delivery; and evaluate student progress against set goals, all to increase the probability that each student will stay in school and achieve in life.

The Success Coach, who serves as the case manager, designs a student support plan for each student and serves as a liaison between the family and school. Once risk factors and attributes are assessed and parents are contacted to discuss the plan, the student is referred for services. Most services are provided during school hours when students are not in core subjects. CIS currently provides an Action for Success program in four Brunswick County middle schools as well as Waccamaw School and Supply Elementary School (Cedar Grove, Leland, Shallotte, South Brunswick, Waccamaw, and Supply Elementary Schools) that incorporates Success Coaches, community volunteers and club and business partnerships to support student achievement.

Tier 1 Services are widely available interventions and supports designed to foster a positive school climate and address school-level risk factors. Possible examples of a Tier 1 Service may be a college and career fair or a school-wide kindness initiative.

Tier 2 & 3 Services are targeted interventions and supports based on an individual student’s needs.  Student needs are monitored and interventions are adjusted to ensure that the needs of the student are being met by the intervention in place. Possible examples of a Tier 2 may be a social skills or tutoring group and attendance monitoring. Possible examples of a Tier 3 Service may be one-on-one tutoring and mental health counseling

The CIS Model

How does CIS bring about needed changes at school sites and in the lives of the students? The answer lies in a simple yet highly effective model for delivering integrated, evidence-based services to address school and individual student level needs. The following illustration shows how the CIS Model is implemented throughout the school year by a CIS site team. The process is cyclical, with the evaluative information from one year being used as part of data-driven decision making for the next year of implementation.

Action for Success follows the best practices of the national CIS Model, now recognized as the most effective dropout prevention program in America.

For more information, contact our office or 910-832-3494; or call Mallory Wells, Program Operations Officer at or 910-253-5327 ext 1434.

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