Parenting Education Support Groups – Sharing Ideas and Support

CIS of Brunswick County's Single Parent Support GroupCommunities In Schools of Brunswick County Parenting Education Program offers free support groups for anyone in a parenting role. We follow the Circle of Parents model which encourages parents to lead the groups with the help of a trained facilitator. Support groups are a place for grandparents and parents to share ideas and talk about anything related to raising kids: discipline, school, health, safety. Parents decide the topics, lead the discussions and are involved in all levels of decision-making. Facilitators provide additional information and support as needed.


Below is a list of our support groups which meet twice a month.

CIS of Brunswick County Parenting Support GroupsGrandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group
Leland – 5th District Community Center
1492 Village Road, NE, Leland
Second and fourth Thursdays, 6 – 8 p.m.
Please call to register – 910-253-5327 ext. 1435

Single Parent Support Group
Supply Elementary School
51 Benton Road, SE, Supply
First and third Thursdays, 5:45 – 7:15 p.m.
Please call to register – 910-253-5327 ext. 1435

Would you like to visit a Parent Support Group? Do you have questions about our programs? We’re here to help! Contact Parent Education Director Margaret Roseman at 253-5327 ext. 1435.

Participant Success Stories

  • “Truly this class has changed both my relationship with my son and my parenting style.  I have learned to keep patience at the forefront, while remembering to constantly praise my son!  This positive reinforcement has allowed me to get him to do things that were once a struggle.  I am so thankful for this class! What I enjoyed most was the length of time that we were given to allow this information to sink in and apply it to my life.  Fourteen weeks is necessary to make these tactics a habit.  Thanks again!”


  • “I participated in the Incredible Years Parenting Education Program that Communities In Schools offers in Brunswick County.  I thoroughly enjoyed class each and every week. The CIS instructors Margaret and Georgia were a great help in getting me to where I needed to be for my children. One of the things that still helps me daily is just 10 minutes of undivided attention a day means so much to a child.
    CIS has helped me and my children think about how we can better handle situations in the future. Because of CIS I am a different parent, more aware of my own actions and raising my kids to be aware of their actions and how to better share their feelings.
    I feel the Parenting Program offered by Communities In Schools of Brunswick County is definitely an asset to residents of this county and deserves so much praise and appreciation for what they do. They are helping shape the parents of the children that will be good, positive, law abiding citizens and role models of this community in the future. Thank you CIS for changing not only my life, but my children’s lives too!”


  • “A participant in our Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group felt the need to increase her knowledge of parenting skills.  She decided to take the 14-week parenting class.  As a result of taking the parenting classes and also being a participant in our Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group, she indicated the programs have helped her tremendously. She has made great progress in improving her parenting skills and has learned to look at things differently.  Not only is she a grandparent raising grandchildren, but she also has an elderly mother she has to help.  She said the support from the groups has helped her calm her nerves.  Not only has she received support from members of the groups, but she has also been able to provide support for one of the grandparents who recently had hip surgery.”


  • “A lot of things have changed over the years and that includes how children respond to things and behave , even the laws.  Having children again after 25 years or so, this has helped me in so many ways even with the loss of my daughter.  I can’t say where we would be without the help & support of this group.”