Valentine’s Day appears in retail stores earlier and earlier – Santa will soon be leaving heart-shaped box of chocolates in your stocking. February 14th is right around the corner and the best day to express love and appreciation to your family, friends, relatives, and that special someone. CIS Thrift Shops have just about everything you need to create a memorable valentine’s gift for anyone on your list.

When you are thrifting at CIS Thrift Shops, it only takes a few dollars and you can surprise others with the perfect gift, at a very sweet price. Even left over Christmas decorations and various holiday reds can transform to Valentine’s Day magic with little to no work at all.


Why not find a shimmering red holiday tree that you can get at steep discounts and change it into a Valentine centerpiece. You can create complete decorations and table displays with thrift shop finds. CIS shops have retro style tumblers and loads of glassware that can be repurposed for Valentine’s Day flair. Check out the large selection of artwork and wooden frames available at our shops to change into Valentine’s Day wall decor. A wooden frame with a coating of chalk paint and rubbed to distress the look is perfect for holding your own heart-felt memory picture. A vintage pillow, red or pink candlestick, and a few relic Valentine’s Day cards from a CIS Thrift Shop can help complete the decorating effect.


Bling and Accessories
CIS Thrift Shops have well stocked jewelry selections, from must-have statement necklaces to vintage pieces and natural stone jewelry. There are colorful watches and men’s accessories like cuff links as well. A cool accessory will elevate an outfit and makes a great gift too. Check out CIS shops’ choices of neckties for vintage and stylish, or even something outlandish and humorous. We have great selections of scarves for women in fantastic prints and many different fabrics.

It is just not Valentine’s Day without candy and chocolates. Many dishes, bowls, and colorful tins are available for purchase and then fill with your Valentine’s favorite candy or snack. Yum!

Brunswick County is full of beach goers and book lovers. Visit any CIS Thrift Shop for a wide selection of books to match any interest with fiction, nonfiction, children’s, romance, sports, and cooking. Stop by and browse our large selection of books in shops’ “Book Nook”.

Thrifty Valentine Challenge
A Valentine’s Day challenge for couples can also keep things exciting and inexpensive. Couples can only buy each other gifts from charity and thrift shops. It encourages creative, thoughtful gifts, a bit of romance and a good surprise.

Thrift shopping for Valentine’s Day is a great way to get creative, be inspired, give back to the community, and save money. Visit CIS Thrift Shops located in Boiling Spring Lakes, Leland, Southport, and Sunset Beach for new inventory daily to make your Valentine’s Day sparkle. For more information about CIS of Brunswick County, our thrift shops or our programs, please contact the CIS office at 910-832-3494. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

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